Company Profile

Providing consulting services to leading carriers in the Wireless Communications industry since 1996

Unwired Consulting has provided lease negotiations, zoning, construction management, site modifications to our client’s satisfaction on over 550 sites to date. Additionally, we have fulfilled client staffing needs functioning in-house as a member of their team. Repeat business and referrals reflect our commitment to outstanding client satisfaction.

Current and Past, Domestic and International, Direct and Indirect Clients include:

  • Cingular Wireless

  • Craig and Associates

  • LCC

  • MetroPCS

  • Buell Consulting

  • Milestone Telecom Partners

  • Nextel

  • SBA

  • Siemens

  • SprintPCS

  • Verizon Wireless

Sample Projects:

Site Modification: Detroit, Michigan

Tasked with resolving landlord / carrier disputes where carrier construction personnel had been ordered off the property before site modifications were complete. Results: Mediated disputes between landlord and carrier, construction resumed within days.

Large Scale New Build project: Johannesburg, South Africa

Appointed “Turnkey Consultant” in underperforming 600 site new build project. Result: Provided expertise in every area of project increasing production 300%, saving the client substantial non-performance penalties.

New Build project: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Named the top performing vender in the entire bay area, while engaged in a 90 site project. Client’s ratings were based on their own objective tracking software. These impressive results were achieved in one of the most difficult leasing and zoning markets nationwide.

Matthew Kundert, Principle Unwired Consulting: “Past production has always reflected a commitment to delivering high quality results, on time, and without taxing the resources of our clients.”